Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is the biggest disease that most people have never heard about. It affects up to 18 million people in the United States – more than stroke and heart failure42,43 and left untreated can be life threatening.

Sadly, few people who have PAD know they even have the disease, and if they do know, few know that there are options for treating it. Many people living with the initial stages of PAD don’t show any symptoms or think that the symptoms are just a normal part of aging and because of this are not aware that the disease is progressing.

There is good news: There are treatment options for PAD. Receiving treatment in the earlier stages of PAD may help people avoid progressing to advanced stages.

In an effort to raise awareness of PAD, here are five things you can share about the disease. Spread the word when you’re talking with your family, friends and colleagues or post about it on social media, like Facebook. 

      1. Up to 18 million Americans suffer from PAD1

      2. 1 in 20 Americans over age 50 have PAD8

      3. Despite the severity of PAD, only 26% of adults 50+ are familiar with the disease.6

      4. There are more than 160,000 PAD-related amputations annually performed in the U.S.3

      5. People with PAD and diabetes have a 10 times greater risk for amputation12

If you’re concerned about PAD, don’t wait – talk to a health care professional now. Use our Find a Doctor tool to locate a PAD specialist near you who is experienced using Cardiovascular Systems, Inc., devices to treat PAD.


Greater risk for amputation in people with PAD and diabetes.12


PAD-related amputations annually performed in the U.S.3


Americans suffer from PAD1

1 in 20

Americans over age 50 have PAD8